Company Background

Computer Supplies & Services Ltd was incorporated in August 1992 as a private company. We specialized ourselves in the Distribution and Retailing of Printing Supplies, Stationeries and Computer accessories. We consistently focus on offering customer high quality products and services, at the best possible value.

Customer satisfaction has been embedded in the company values since the creation and is the cornerstone of our Quality Management culture. The Customer oriented culture established then are still mirrored in the work practices today, Sustainable Excellence, progressively enlarging our scope of commitment and always keeping customer satisfaction at the core of our values and business strategy.

Since inception, Computer Supplies and Services Ltd has enjoyed a steady organic growth. The resources of the company, both human expertise and financial, have grown in sync with expansion of business. Wealth of experience covers every aspect of it.

Management Message

“We are passionate about quality and dedicated to delivering outstanding value, bringing with us the energy and flexibility of a small organization, with the depth and strength of a large one.”